Wedding Gown Cleaning

A professional wedding gown cleaning provides you with the security of knowing that your dress will remain in the same condition years from the day you first wore it. Our gown cleaning service makes the process of cleaning and preserving your dress as convenient as possible.

Don’t wait too long:

Bring in your gown as soon as possible. Your best chance of returning your dress to new-like condition is to get it cleaned quickly before stains have time to set in to the fabric.

The cleaning process:

The cleaning process is all natural; no harsh chemicals are used. Each gown is individually cleaned, spot-treated, and steamed.

Packaging your gown:

Once the dress is clean, it is carefully wrapped with white, acid-free tissue paper to prevent wrinkles. The dress is then placed in a viewing box. Preserved dresses can then be shipped straight to your door.

Storing your gown:

Store in a cool, dry location. Basements and attics are not ideal. Basement dampness can cause mildew while attic heat can promote yellowing of the fabric.

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