We Love Suspenders and You Should Too! Here’s Why.

Suspenders are great fashion accessories, as they are stylish, practical and can even bring some surprising pluses not to just your looks, but also to the way you feel and to your attitude. In this sense, we highly recommend men to get a pair of good suspenders.

A pair of dark suspenders or leather suspenders go in many settings, from work to dinner, while others, more casual and colorful are more suited for casual settings, which is why it is important to know what is available and make the best choice for you.

In this guide, we take a look at 7 reasons why you should wear suspenders and what these can do for you!

Timeless style

Suspenders have been around for such a long time and look so amazing that they have become a staple of timeless style. If you want to look good and to wear something that transcends trends, suspenders are the thing for you. While there are more types of suspenders out there to choose from, all types are just as cool. 

Suspenders add structure

The great thing about suspenders is that they add structure to a man’s look. From a visual point of view, the lines drawn by suspenders add a type of over structure to one’s body. Thus, a man wearing suspenders will appear more grounded and confident, which is what fashion is all about. 

Suspenders add depth

When we are discussing fashion and style, we always talk about a good outfit being one that has depth. Depth is usually achieved by adding multiple layers of clothing that are more or less visible. For example, a shirt – vest – jacket look is a three-layer look that has depth. Suspenders do the trick as well, and you can especially use them during the summer, when adding too many layers may be a bit uncomfortable from a thermic point of view. 


Many guys have found that wearing suspenders is more comfortable than a belt. The reason for this is because unlike some belts, suspenders don’t need any upward adjustment, especially in the case of larger men. Moreover, suspenders also allow your body to be more comfortable, which brings us to our next point…

Good flow

Sometimes, a belt can act as a strain on your blood flow, resulting in a bit of discomfort at your waist. Suspenders eliminate that stress and allow you to be not just very comfortable, but more healthy at the same time. 

Suspenders promote good posture

Wearing suspenders will automatically make you stand up better. In suspenders, you are less tented to slouch. Thus, by doing something as simple as wearing suspenders, you will improve your overall pose and, by extension, your health. Not to mention the fact that when you stand up straight, you generally feel more bold and confident. 

Suspenders keep your shirt straight

Sometimes, keeping your pants together with a belt can result in the billowing of your shirt. Wearing suspenders eliminates that stress, but you should however always be careful to wear fitting pants and shirts that are long enough to be tucked to make sure your shirts stand well.

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