Trouser Hems With The Cuffing Method

When purchasing a pair of pants, men face a very critical decision: cuffs or no cuffs? Cuffed pants are considered a mark of quality, but also help accentuate a man’s styled suit and his height. 

To introduce you to what a proper cuffed pant is, it is when the trouser bottoms are turned-up a certain margin. This feature serves the basic purpose of protecting pants from fraying or any other kind of damage–like wet or muddy conditions. 

Although King Edward VII is considered the original pant-cuffer in the 1890s, it became an American standard in the early 20th century. Since then, cuffed pants have remained a mark of quality in tailored pants as well as “off-the-rack” pants.

Cuffs for Pleated Pants VS. Flat-Front Pants
The ruling on pant cuffs can be confusing. For example, one rule for pant cuffs says that flat-front pants should not be cuffed. While this is not always the case, the rule should be considered with caution. Flat front pants and cuffs clash because they are derived from different cultures–who would have thought to cuff your pants could get so difficult, right?

Now when it comes to a pleated pant, it should be generally avoided unless the functional purpose of the please is necessary. They provide a fuller shape but add bulk to the line of an overall suit. Cuffs tend to add weight to the bottom of the pants and make pleats stand out. 

Suits Without Cuffed Pants

It is well known that cuffed pants are not always necessary for a classic suit. Cuffs are considered a step above because they require more material and needlework. It is advised to wear a cuffed pant with a slight break in the front of the shoe. Cuffed pants are definitely considered the dressier option when wearing a standard suit or the odd trouser, but black tie tuxedo pants should always be without cuffs.

Cuffs are an indication of refined style. They’re considered a permanent male fashion not because of their rich heritage from England, but because the wearer has gone the extra inch to stand out in style!


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