Tie Bars & How To Wear Them!

The tie bar, a one-time forgotten accessory, is making a big comeback. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a stylish gent without one these days. However, working this savvy addition into your look isn’t quite as simple as it seems. And knowing how to wear one right is the difference between looking like David Gandy’s protege or emulating your old professor’s style.

So let’s get started, shall we?


Just like your shoes should fit the width of your feet, so too should your tie bar’s width complement the width of your tie. It’s definitely common sense, but you’d be surprised how many men make this mistake. For example, with narrow ties, you should go with a half-inch bar, and this size will also work with wider ties. But if you want people to notice, and of course you do, then it’s best to go up a size as your tie gets wider.


How about the color? Do we go with silver or gold? This is an easy choice as silver works well with any colour tie and always adds a touch of refined elegance certain types of gold lack.

If you wear a gold watch or gold cufflinks, then it makes good fashion sense to match your tie bar accordingly. You can even match it to your wedding ring if you’re feeling subtle.


Choosing the right size and colour means nothing if you put it in the wrong place. A tie bar obviously belongs somewhere around the middle of your tie, but how on earth are you supposed to know exactly where?

A very easy tip to remember is to place it somewhere between your third and fourth shirt buttons. Anyone that gives you a more detailed process is probably just trying to sound like they know their stuff. It’s simple, third and fourth buttons.


Try not to forget the tie bar is actually a functioning accessory. The whole idea is to stop your tie flapping around in the wind or accidentally dipping it in your dinner. So make sure you not only clip both ends of the tie but the shirt as well. This now popular accessory is something of a must-have for the man about town. If you insist on wearing it as a daily accessory, have more than one and interchange them throughout the week.


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