Things Men Should Never Wear

When it comes to men’s fashion and style, most guys think they are brilliant at picking the right outfit. BUT the truth is, while your homies might tell you that you’re totally rad in your skinny shorts and striped socks, the girls aren’t thinking the same!

One of the benefits of a good looking outfit is that it should be attracting the ladies, right? So let’s jump to the girl’s point of view and take a closer look at the most hated menswear. These are the things men should never wear according to the girls.

Socks in Sandals are a BIG NO GO
You know, it’s quite easy to spot the wrongdoers every summer. Just go to a museum or retail park – any place where there are tourists en masse. It’s a shocking reality – please guys, don’t even go there!

The Dress Shoe-Sneaker Hybrid
Another shoe we are largely done with? That weird marriage between a dress shoe upper and a sneaker sole. There are a small handful of genius designers who make them look good in a sculptural way. But the number of guys who can actually pull them off? Infinitesimally small.

Unbuttoned Dress Shirt With A Necktie
It just looks sloppy and the sole purpose of wearing a tie is to make you look more dapper and elegant. There’s no functional, no practical reason why we wear a tie, having a top button undone just looks like you don’t care about how you look and you should either wear the tie and wear properly, or not at all. So you find yourself in a situation where it’s too hot, or you feel uncomfortable around your neck, take out the tie, roll it up, put it in a pocket and unbutton the buttons, that looks much better.

Square-toed Shoes
Usually, it’s what you find in lower end shoes under $100 and they’re just plain ugly and they show everyone around you that you have no clue about dressing well. When I grew up in Germany, there was a company named Lloyd’s and they sold tons of ugly shoes and they were actually a little more expensive so people consider them to be quality dress shoes and for that reason, that style was perpetuated. Fortunately, there are lots of other good companies out there that offer a nice round toe or if you want something a little more square, go with a chisel toe that’s very elegant.


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