The Most Stylish Men In Film Of All Time

Not all movie characters are created equal. Some of the men in film attain iconic stature and it’s often down to what they’re wearing and how they wear it. Bond is synonymous with dinner suits. And where would Ryan Gosling be without that jacket? As we break out the popcorn to present the most stylish movie characters in cinema history, we hope you’ll learn & incorporate style rules into your own wardrobe from the most stylish men from television.

Jim Stark – Rebel Without A Cause

When you think of James Dean, this is the character that immediately comes to mind. As an angry and frustrated teenager looking for something to rail against, James Dean wears the iconic outfit of turned up blue jeans, a white T-shirt and red Harrington jacket. It’s the most iconic American look. Style Tip: Take the tip of pairing white tee and jeans with a more interesting jacket. Throw on a bomber in a striking color or pattern and the outfit will be a statement!

James Bond

An obvious entry, perhaps, but he’s near the top of everyone’s list for a reason. Bond is sharp. Everything the spy wears is considered. If you look at the suits worn by each actor as Ian Fleming’s most famous character, they’re very much of their era. Sean Connery’s 1960s suits are loosely tailored, even oversized by modern standards. Daniel Craig’s Tom Ford numbers, on the other hand, are second-skin tight. Black tie is classic, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be modern. Style Tip: When dealing with something as simple as a dinner suit, enjoy the details. If you worry too much about finding a suit that won’t look dated in ten years, you’ll look dull.

Julian – American Gigolo

A young Richard Gere was mostly outfitted by Giorgio Armani for this 1980s classic about a male prostitute. The mix of Italian tailoring and American flash make for a look that’s extremely of the era, in that every piece of clothing is making some kind of statement, but Gere wears it all with such confidence, nothing is overshadowing him. Style Tip: Keep the palette muted and you can get away with a lot more.

John Robie – To Catch A Thief

Cary Grant always wore a suit well, but Alfred Hitchcock’s sexy thriller shows him killing it in his more casual attire too. Sometimes that’s relaxed suiting, with a structured jacket team with looser trousers, or long-sleeved T-shirts teamed with tailored slacks. Style Tip: Robie wears scarves under T-shirts and cravats undershirts. It’s advanced difficulty dressing, but if you succeed, it looks incredible.

Michel – Breathless

Jean-Paul Belmondo’s Michel dresses a bit like a dad, in blazer, shirt, tie and fedora, but the style is in the attitude. They’re all worn in the same casual way you might wear jeans and a T-shirt. Style Tip: Don’t just wear one for formal times but try a knitted or cotton tie when there’s no reason for it. It makes you look intriguing.



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