The Cold Weather is Almost Here…Here’s How To Dress for it.

Fall is finally in full swing, which brings with it visions of color-changing trees, crisp weather and the excitement of dark nights filled with seeing friends over a cozy fire. The season also means that Christmas is just around the corner, which is a cause for excitement in itself; after all, it means party season is nearly upon us.

In the build-up to Christmas, many people take the opportunity to jet off for one last break of the year; usually, a short city breaks to spend a few days in a new destination. However, packing appropriately can be tricky as the weather is not always guaranteed, and it may even be cold in some parts of the continent! The change in weather conditions even one or two hours away is something many travelers around the world have to deal with.

It’s crucial to dress correctly for any trip in order to enjoy yourself and get the most out of your break; after all, there’s nothing worse than arriving completely unprepared for the weather forecast! So, if you’re planning a winter city break in the next few months, here is a guide to making sure you pack the necessary pieces in your suitcase. 


There’s a huge choice in men’s coats in the online shopping world as well as in most stores, and you may need one for the day, night or even both depending on your destination. If your trip consists of wandering and seeing the sights, having the right coat can be the difference between a great day or a miserable day.

You can also look for urban-inspired styles like parka jackets or even cool puffa coats which offer insulating features, hoods and shearling or faux fur trims. These are the ideal styles for remaining stylish and warm while you explore.

Long sleeve shirts

Most city breaks are a casual affair, but long sleeve shirts are perfect for the evening; particularly if restaurants and bars request a smart dress code. Look for plain, block colored shirts for a smart dinner outfit.

If you are looking for a more casual appearance, long sleeve shirts with prints like checks or stripes are great for wearing day or night. Consider layering your shirt with a t-shirt (or an undershirt) so that you can be prepared for any weather.


If you’re not sure what the weather is doing in your chosen destination, pack a sweater or two. Jumpers are a great layering garment, particularly if it’s not quite cold enough for your coat but you’re not brave enough to wear just a t-shirt. Easy to take off and carry if needs be, a jumper can be worn over a shirt, t-shirt and under a coat for extra layering options. Always remember that if you want to layer your sweater over a shirt, your shirt should be long enough to be tucked in, otherwise, you will obtain the exact opposite of the desired effect as you will have cold air coming from underneath it.

Also, you can look for subtle, seasonal colors like burgundy and navy, and keep your eye out for seasonal patterns like cable knit or Fair Isle.


This sounds very obvious, but jeans are a must-have when packing for your city break. Comfortable and easy to wear, blue or black styles are most versatile and will keep you warm too. If you want to add an extra element of style to your outfit, look for streetwear-inspired jeans that feature distressed or ripped patches, along with a washed, faded color.

Jeans on a winter city break will lend themselves to any event or time of day, and can be worn with a sweater and trainers, or smart shoes and evening coat!

Having a few essential pieces that you can mix together in many ways is a great way to go when packing for a short trip: this way, you won’t have too much baggage to carry with you, but you will have a good amount of outfits for a stylish break.


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