Summer Style Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


When it comes to dressing for hot weather, some mistakes are more obvious.  Others just need a bit of tweaking to get right. With this guide, you won’t get caught out. You will know exactly what to pack for your holiday and there will be no bad beach photos. Whether you’re at work, out with friends or just relaxing in your garden, this guide will stop you from making the worst style mistakes this summer.

Going Topless

You’ve left your T-shirt screwed up in your car or, even worse, you’ve tucked it into your jeans and it’s hanging down like an old piece of rag. A better alternative is a plain T-shirt that fits in the right places. If you want to show off your body, choose pale colors or white. But remember, a badly fitted T-shirt is as bad as wearing none at all.

If you do feel the need to show off a bit of skin, a short-sleeve shirt unbuttoned slightly will keep you feeling and looking cool. Again, lighter colors will work better for your summer style. Save the shirtless look for the beach and don’t forget your sunscreen.


Bright Colours and Patterns

Every summer, the floral and Hawaiian shirts come out. It’s a bright day, so dress brightly, right? Wrong. A bit of color is great for summer, but the sun is bright enough without you adding to it. Patterns and bright colors are fine, but it’s best to stick to one patterned item of clothing.


Vest and Shorts

Late spring one of the worst summer style mistakes to avoid appears – vest and shorts. This look is fine on the beach, in your back garden, and at the gym, but anywhere else it just looks like you’re going out half-dressed. The vest was designed as underwear, so try it under a loose-fitting shirt like the Hawaiian one above. It will keep you cool and you won’t look like a fashion disaster. There are some places you should just never wear shorts, most importantly the office. Straight fit chinos are a light, comfortable and versatile option. They can be worn in the office with a shirt or more casually with a T-shirt.

Summer Style Mistakes in the Office

Wearing a shirt and tie on those hot summer days can be uncomfortable, but don’t think you can just swap a long sleeve shirt for a short one. You’ll end up looking like an intern. Instead, choose a lightweight shirt that lets you breathe. Lighter colors are best as they reflect the heat, but you don’t have to stick to white. Invest in a good deodorant to avoid sweat patches and don’t lose the blazer. It keeps you looking smart and hides the creases.


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