Styles That Never Go Out Of Style!

With trends coming in and out of fashion at a rather fast pace, many men are looking for timeless items they can invest in and make sure they will be able to wear for a long time and which they will be able to use in many types of outfits.

Discover five practical items that will help you get dressed better and faster for any setting.

 A Watch

A watch is a symbol of timeless elegance, refinement and attention to detail. Since watches these days are not so much about telling time anymore, they have become jewelry pieces that act as great style statements. A well-designed watch has a story to tell – from dive watches that let others know about your dynamic and adventurous personality to diamond-studded pieces that reflect a need for impeccable luxury.

A watch that is not extremely specific (such as digital watches) can go a long way in terms of versatility, since you will be able to mix and match it to a wide variety of looks, from simple day to day outfits to complete night looks.


Since jackets of various aesthetics come in and out of style all the time, a classic coat in camel, black or even burgundy, is a piece that will be a great companion not through just one winter, but through many seasons. Moreover, a classic coat is a highly flexible piece in terms of mixing and matching: it can be worn with suits and ties or with jeans and boots. It’s a go-to item that can turn out to be a great investment.

Leather jacket

Leather is an amazing material, as it is durable, flexible and gets only stronger in time. Moreover, unlike other materials, it helps your body stay at a good temperature regardless of season and is very protective. Its flexibility will make a leather jacket adapt to your body easily, which will make it look tailored to your size, thus giving you a polished and structured look.  


Jeans are probably the go-to pants for most men. And that is for a good reason. A high-quality pair of jeans will make a great investment in your wardrobe as it will be strong and comfortable for many years. Moreover, due to their neutral, yet bold look, well-cut jeans will make you look good and go with almost anything. Classic, blue jeans go with simple sporty t-shirts, long pants, shorts and a variety of shoes, from wingtips and boating shoes to sandals and, why not, slippers.

White shirt

A white shirt is a wardrobe saver. When you are in doubt about what to wear, put on a classic white shirt. Depending on the setting for which you are dressing, you can dress it up by adding a tie and blazer or dress it down, by simply opening a button or two.

White shirts go with almost anything from dress pants to jeans and from classic blazers to leather jackets.

Having a few items that don’t go out of style will not only help you save money, since you won’t be investing in new trends all the time, but it will save you time as well, as you will have a few go-to items that you’ll know you can’t go wrong with. And we all know that time is the new luxury.