Style Rules You Absolutely Should Break


It’s time to break styling rules, people! Gone are the dusty and mouldy pieces of age-old wisdom on how men should dress! We have the perfect list of rules we want to break in the year 2017!

1 Never Wear Navy and Black
We like navy and we like black. So we’d like to point out that pairing the two is great! The way to put these dark hues together? The trick is choosing pieces that complement, rather than compete with, one another. A black roll neck with a navy trouser is a perfect example of making black and navy look good together!

2. Brown Shoes
According to old style laws, wearing brown shoes in town after 5pm is a big no-no. Apparently there is a strict division between brown and black shoes as they are markers of casualness and formality. The good news is, it’s 2017 and things change! When worn by the right man, brown shoes can look stylish and cool at any time of the day!

  1. Never Wear T-Shirts With Suits
    Like layering hoodies, breaking this rule can only work with tailoring that leans towards a more casual look. Now, don’t believe you can get away with sliding a t-shirt underneath a dinner jacket. When it comes to breaking this rule, less is more. You’re already making a statement by not wearing a shirt, so there’s no need to add in loud prints or bright hues into the mix. We suggest a classic cotton crew neck shape in a very tonal variant of the color of the suit. For example: a white t-shirt with a grey suit!
  2. A Tie Needs A Suit Jacket
    You’d be surprised how shart a shirt and tie can look without a two-piece. The trick is a solid outer layer. It could be a leather jacket or a shawl collar cardigan. Wear it closed over a shirt and tie.

  3. Never Wear Boots With A Suit
    Disregarding this rule is one of our favorites because it’s just so practical! Boots, like Chelsea, brogue and derby shapes, retain all the dressiness of smart shoes. That means you can dress well without risking cold toes from a harsh winter! Try leather lace-up styles with a tweed suit for an off-work look or swap out office-ready oxfords for a pair of black or brown chelsea boots!


  1. Don’t Clash Patterns
    If you have the confidence to try out clashing patterns yourself, just remember there is a huge difference between looking cool and looking a little crazy. Try a simple mix like teaming up a gingham tie with a striped shirt. Maybe even a tie and blazer in different checks! It’s a more modern and subtler type of pattern clash that we can get behind!


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