Spring Has Sprung…Here’s How To Look Stylish This Season!


When the spring finally arrives after a long and somewhat cold–did it even snow in Atlanta this year?– winter, it is welcomed by many with bold sartorial choices! After several months of heavy jackets, people are excited to be able to finally ditch them in exchange for less and lighter clothes. While Spring can be a tricky season in which temperatures can vary greatly, even just between sunny and shady areas. Not to mention the sudden falls of rain that can take place when you expect them the least. It’s essential to balance your style out until you’re sure the warm season is in full bloom. With a few tips and tricks, you can make sure that you will be both stylish and comfortable in the Springtime.


Bright colors aren’t really a thing for many. We recommend you go “Lighter, not brighter.” You don’t need to wear a school bus yellow or leprechaun green in Spring to look colorful. A shade or two lighter in your neutrals can do wonders for your Spring color palette. Switch from dark indigo to a washed blue, or a dark grey to a lighter grey for an instant color hack.


The solution to many of your sartorial problems in the spring is layering. By layering, we mean adding various layers of thin clothes on top of each other. This way, you can take them off or put them on as needed, without much hassle and with the assurance that you’ll still look stylish. For example, don’t wear a heavy sweater with a t-shirt underneath, as you may sweat and take your sweater off will make you all of a sudden cold. Instead, opt for a layered look. For example, you can wear an undershirt, a dress shirt over it, then add a vest and finally an unstructured jacket. This way, depending on the temperature or your needs, you can take off either the jacket or the vest and still look good. Moreover, your undershirt will absorb any sweat, so you won’t feel cold if you take more layers off.


You might have seen shirts labeled “Button-ups” and “Button-downs” and paid no mind, but they’re actually two very different styles of shirts. The term “button-down” is used to describe the collar – which buttons down to the body. Button-down shirts are generally considered the casual option now, often cut shorter to be styled untucked and made with more casual fabrics.

Button-ups will be made with crisper fabrics to maintain a professional look, with longer cuts designed to be tucked in. While you can wear button-downs with suits and button-ups with, say, a Harrington jacket, I generally recommend pairing button-ups with formal looks like suits, and button-downs with your casual outfits.


Accessories are also very helpful in the Springtime. Besides the layers of your clothes, you can use season-friendly accessories such as scarves and hats to bring not just style, but also functionality to your look. Always think of very versatile pieces!

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