Reasons Why You Should Have a Leather Jacket In Your Wardrobe

Having a leather jacket in your wardrobe is considered a staple; it’s timeless and always in fashion for both men & women. It shows that you value strong foundations and quality items. Regardless of where you buy a leather jacket from, may it be from a store in a city center, an online shop or a local store, you should always invest in a quality piece, as owning such a jacket has a lot of advantages.


If you buy a high-quality leather jacket, which costs say around $300 and wear it for more than a decade, you will find that it is cheaper than to buy 10 jackets of questionable quality that will last only for one season each, thus making the leather jacket a good investment on your part.


Leather, cotton or linen should always be your first option when it comes to most items of clothing. Natural materials are very different than synthetic ones: they breathe, which means that they will adapt your body to the outside temperature, they don’t cause any rashes or other skin problems, they mold easily and adapt to your body, making you look great. In short, it’s like having a tailor included in the jacket.


Not only is a leather jacket a strong piece aesthetically speaking, but it is also a strong item from a physical point of view. Leather is extremely strong: it can be worn in almost any weather condition, from extreme heat to rain and snow and it is resistant to dry abrasion.  Genuine leather won’t crack or peel, so it will look amazing for a long time. It is important to note here that natural leather does have a rather irregular texture, but that is a mark of authenticity, not a sign of damage. A great leather jacket does not require a high maintenance. Because it is lint and dust-free, a leather jacket doesn’t need extremely special conditions when it comes to depositing.


The number one quality of leather is its long lasting character. A well-processed, high-quality leather jacket can last even up to 25 years. In today’s fast fashion world, where slow fashion and high craft are making a come-back, many people are looking for new items in which to invest that they can wear for a decade. A good leather jacket can withstand the test of time and is one of the best items in which you can invest.


Speaking of style and tailoring, a leather jacket makes almost any man look great for a number of reasons. First of all, as said, it molds easily on your body, framing it well which means that it will very likely look like you are wearing a custom piece.Secondly, leather is a material with a bold aesthetic. Culturally, it’s charged with the concept of awesomeness and masculinity. In leather, you will look extremely badass. Leather looks powerful, edgy and confident.

It can be human and environmentally friendly
While leather goods are usually treated a little before being released, the amount of chemicals used is not even compared to the amount used for synthetic fibers. If you think about it, synthetic leather or faux leather is made of petroleum, which is interfering a lot with the environment. Afterwards, it is treated with chemicals that are more often than not thrown in rivers or in the ground, which further affects the environment.

Moreover, jackets made from synthetic leather are often made by workers who don’t work in good conditions, while quality, genuine leather jackets are usually made by people who work in better conditions, so buying a leather jacket is also helping out workers and discouraging to substandard working conditions.

Also, due to its natural aspect, leather, when it is no longer needed, can go back to the environment, without much harm, unlike synthetic leather, which takes hundreds of years to decompose, or which is burnt and then pollutes the air.


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