Pinroll: The Right Way To Taper Your Jeans


Whether you want to showcase a new pair of shoes or cinch in a baggy jean, knowing how to pinroll is a crucial skill for the fashion forward gentleman. Pinrolling is a simple and quick way of tapering a pair or jeans or chinos; it’s trendy and practical. It’s also super adaptable no matter your style, so there will always be an occasion for you to employ a well-executed pin roll.  Although pin rolling is similar to cuffing, it’s not something to get confused with. Cuffing shortens the length, but maintains the fit – so your straight leg jeans stay straight legs.


The main advantage of pinrolling is that it gives you better control over where your jeans end! That means no bunching around your ankles, and no obscuring the limited edition footwear you went the extra mile to secure. If you’re tall, pinrolling creates a visual break on a lanky lower body and if you’re short, it stops your jeans from looking too big for you.


How to Pinroll Jeans

Here’s our guide to the perfect pin roll:

  1. Put on some un-cuffed jeans.

  2. Grab the inner seam at the bottom of one leg and pinch it. The amount of fabric you pinch will depend on the bagginess of the jean so judge this by eye.

  3. You will then want to fold the fabric against your ankle so the fabric now overlaps

  4. You can now cuff the jean. Whilst holding the overlapped fabric together, roll the jean up, only about an inch or two.

  5. You can leave it at one roll but to do a second just fold the cuff up again. We wouldn’t suggest cuffing more than twice as it might start to look bulky.

  6. Smooth out any creases in the jean and you’re good to go!


Styling Pinrolled Jeans

Denim works best for pinrolling because it’s typically the sturdiest material you’ll find in your wardrobe. Stiff denim is even better for holding shape – and the extra weight at the bottom of your legs will make your jeans hang way better.

That said, chinos also work well with pinrolling – but the lighter material makes them slightly more likely to unravel so keep the fold as tight as possible. Stay away from pinrolling dress trousers – this look is designed to be informal.


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