Men’s Spring Style Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Spring is a tricky transition period. Summer is on the way, but winter still lingers in the early mornings. Sartorially, this leaves us in a bright and kinda cold place. Spring is considered a very fine line, but follow the right instructions and you can walk it perfectly! Here are some of the most common men’s spring style mistakes and how to overcome them!

Wearing Few Clothes
Stripping down to the vests and shorts in spring is wildly impractical, especially when Atlanta weather can’t decide on being consistent with its warm weather.
How to do it right: It’s spring, but not spring break; consider wearing long trousers and sleeves. Change fabrics, not your clothes! Swap out the heavy wools and selvage denim for lighter versions, subbing in breathable cotton and linen mixes.

Brights And Darks
Don’t stubbornly cling to black and dark colors through spring. We know it’s not summer just yet but it’s time to lighten up your closet!
How to do it right: In spring, we consider the navy to be the new black. It’s reassuringly sober but not too severe in darkness like black. You don’t have to be head-to-toe navy. Consider offsetting it with a bright white shirt or pant!

Release the man-kle! Going completely sockless might look good with a breeziness type outfit, but in spring, it might be considered too early.
How to do it right: Before you sock up accordingly to the visible or concealed variety–check the weather first and determine whether it is likely to be a hot, sunny and dry day.

Being just a little too conservative
The only thing more lamentable than busting out a vest in the spring is concealing one under a sweater. Wearing anything knee-length that’s thick in March is completely overkill.
How to do it right: Even out thin pieces of clothing to provide several degrees of warmth when combined.

The wrong footwear
Spring, for whatever reason, invites men to wear their sandals or flip flops a little too early. Or men take the complete opposite route and keep their feet in heavy and hot leather shoes or boots!
How to do it right: Canvas shoes will be your new best friend in the spring. Suede is also a better option and is more of a breathable fabric than leather.


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