How To Keep Your Favorite Clothes To Last Longer

So, you’ve just invested in a few new pieces of clothing that you’ve had your eye on for a while. Whether you’ve been waiting for payday, received a gift or treated yourself to an online delivery, it’s safe to say your wardrobe has been enhanced with the clothes you’ve decided on.

It could be a smart shirt, everyday t-shirt or even some holiday items, but either way, it’s important that you now look after your clothes. After all, surely you want to get the most out of them and keep them in good condition for as long as possible!

Choose quality

It’s worth bearing in mind that you should probably look out for quality clothes that will naturally last longer in the first place. Going for quality materials rather than bad ones is a good investment. Think of the cost/wear ratio: if you buy a rather bad item for $20 and wear it 20 times before it goes bad, you actually pay $1 / wear. However, if you go for something that costs $120, but you get to wear it over 400 times, the cost / wear is just $0.3. Moreover, quality materials also tend to look better and not lose their color or structure over time.

Buy pieces that won’t go out of style quickly and create a base wardrobe that you can then continue to build on.

People who wear jeans 12 hours a day should always look into pieces that are strong, as otherwise, they will either crack or rip or simply get marks such as knee marks that won’t look good in the long run. Also, you should be extremely careful when choosing sports clothing, as bad sports items can do you more harm than good: bad materials won’t allow your skin to breathe and bad running shoes will damage your feet instead of offering the protection you need.

Pay attention to washing your clothes

It’s easy to just throw your clothes into the washing machine without much thought. However, it might be beneficial to take a minute and re-read the washing labels on your garments. Learn to check the labels properly, as you never know what you might have missed. Yes, washing clothes without reading the rules might not harm them, but following the rules will help your clothes.

Here’s a tip you may not find on labels: aim to wash dark clothing inside-out; items like dark or black jeans and black t-shirts can fade as they are washed. Turning them inside-out first can help your clothes to keep their color a little longer.

You also may want to think about how often you wash your clothes. The washing process can be tough on your clothes, and unless your clothes are visibly dirty, see if you can get away with washing them every two or three wears, but this depends entirely on the item. T-shirts, underwear, shirts, socks should all be washed after one wear; jeans trousers and jackets can be washed more rarely.


Invest in some handy tools

If you don’t want to keep replacing your trusty t-shirt or jacket, consider what products you can use to keep them in good condition. A brush or lint roller can be great for removing any dust or marks, especially if it’s a piece of clothing that’s been hiding away in your wardrobe for some time.

Invest in some sturdy, quality hangers for your wardrobe as they will keep your clothes in shape properly. Wire hangers can ruin tailoring and will snag your knitwear, while plastic ones can be flimsy. Look out for wooden hangers; especially for some that are rounder and very soft; they might take up more room in your wardrobe, but your clothes will look brand new.

If you love your smart shoes, you should really have some shoe trees to keep the shape of them and reduce the risk of creases.

Following a few guidelines when it comes to buying and maintaining clothes will ensure you that they will last longer and will be in good shape for quite a while. The way we treat our clothing is very important, it is probably just as important as the process of buying them, which is why it is important to always think of the maintenance process as well.


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