How Men’s Shorts Should Be Worn

Shorts are the perfect choice for weekend hangs, dog walks, the pool, barbecues, picnics…you name it. But it’s more than just pulling a pair of shorts up around your legs. We’d like to think there’s an art to picking the right ones to accentuate personal style in the right way. There will be those who doubt the sartorial sophistication of shorts, but to them, we say leg it. It’s really not difficult.


Just like with swim trunks, it’s important that your shorts don’t go past your knees. They should stop right around the top of your kneecaps.

After wearing shorts that are too long, the most common mistake that guys make is wearing shorts that are too wide.

Just like pants, most mass-manufactured shorts will be just a little too wide through the leg. You’ll need to look for slim fit shorts or get your shorts tailored for the perfect fit!


Here’s a common list of what to avoid:

Cargo pockets
Large, bold patterns
Obvious branding/logos”

Instead, stick with solid colors and small scale patterns or prints. For example, if you like polka dots or floral prints, that’s totally fine. Just make sure they’re small in scale.

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