Grooming Tips That’ll Always Make You Look Good and Feel Good!

Let’s be real, men care quite a bit about how they look. Truth be told, all men, in one form or another, want to look good. The only thing is, if men want to dabble in the subtle art form of “self-care”, it has to be efficient, quick, and low maintenance. Very few of them are willing to spend more than what is necessary fussing over their looks in front of the mirror every day. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of simple yet efficient life-enhancing grooming tips that can help any man look like great.


#1 Shave right AFTER you shower

For a lot of men, it can be tempting to do their daily routine – brushing, flossing, and shaving – before taking a warm relaxing shower. Shaving after a warm shower has its own merits, however. One such benefit is that after showering, the steam helps open up your follicles and soften your bristles, allowing for a much closer, smoother shave than usual. This also helps lessen the number of nicks you might get, since your skin is a lot more relaxed and softer. Of course, if you have a bushy beard to trim, you will need a quick rinse afterward as well. Also, it helps to end a shower with a bit of cold water, as this will close down your pores and not allow any dirt to get in.

Another grooming “hack” you can try while shaving that can actually keep your skin looking healthy is by swapping your shaving cream for hair conditioner. While you do end up sacrificing that cool mint sensation, hair conditioner actually helps keep your skin from drying out, because unlike shaving cream, it doesn’t wash away essential oils on your skin that keep it moisturized. Surely, using a moisturizing aftershave can help too.


#2 Ice your face
You might not have heard of this ancient old trick, but we promise it’s worth a try. Is your entire face hurting after an all-night party? Getting a bag of peas from the freezer or an ice pack can help you relieve puffiness. This is a simple anti-inflammatory treatment that you can use in a pinch if you’re about to go to work. Also, it’s important to get yourself hydrated, especially if you had some drinks at your party. Alcohol has a tendency to dry you out, so try to get as much fluid as you can while treating yourself with a good breakfast.

Another way to de-puff your skin is by putting spoons in the fridge before you get ready for work. Before you leave, take those spoons and press them against your eye bags. The cool metal is going to help immensely with your hangover puffiness.


#3 Do a bit of traveling

Traveling per se is not a grooming tip, but it can help you look better, as going to a new place, especially if you have some vacation time (not just for work) can turn out to be of help to your skin. Changing the air or taking a daily dive in the sea or the ocean can truly “reset” your skin and hair.

Also, just resting and having some relaxing time can turn out to be extremely beneficial. So, when considering ways to improve your skin and hair, you can consider finding the time to go on celebrity cruises to Hawaii or do a tour in some quaint European town.


#4 Go to a good hairdresser
Whether you’re having issues with a receding hairline, dandruff problems or just overall hair that is a bit hard to manage, finding yourself a proper hairdresser can help you work out these issues. Just ask them the right questions, and you’re good to go. A proper hairdresser can even help you deal with receding hairlines or thinner hair, and make you look great despite these problems.

Once you’ve found a good hairdresser, make sure you stick with them. This will make it easier to just say, “do it like the usual” instead of having to try explaining it every single time.


#5 Use the right tool for the job

Every man has had to deal with breakouts or nicks on their face sometimes. Most of the time, however, very few know how to deal with such things. For example, when it comes to popping acne or a blackhead, you can use tissue paper while squeezing it. This helps prevent the bacteria from spreading by stopping your fingers from touching your skin directly and also help prevent cuts on your skin from your fingernails.


#6 Keep a healthy mouth

Exfoliating your lips can make you look a lot better. You don’t even need a special product to do it, either. Just rub your toothbrush over your lips, and any loose dead skin should just fall off, giving you a smoother set of kissers.

Out of mint? Try eating some greens before you go out. Another way to maintain a healthy mouth is said to be chewing on parsley. Parsley is rich in chlorophyll, which is a known natural deodorizer. It’s also all-natural so no worries about chemicals ruining your mouth.

For many guys, having a good grooming routine isn’t really at the top of their lists. But whether you want to look good for a special someone, or just want to feel good about yourself, treating yourself right doesn’t always have to be difficult or take too much time. Now that you know of better, easy ways to care for yourself though, there’s really no excuse anymore.


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