Going Somewhere Fancy? Here’s Some Tips on Cocktail Attire

The mailman arrives with an invitation in the mail. The invitation looks pretty casual, but it specifies that the event will be formal, specifically Cocktail Attire only, but what does that mean exactly?

Cocktail attire is an ever-changing standard. That type of attire in your twenties may be completely different than with friends/colleagues in your fifties. But don’t worry! Savvi Formalwear is here to navigate your way through a cocktail attire with confidence, style and ease!


First, The Suit.

Starting with a dark suit–preferably grey or navy–is a good way to go. And as always, keep it tailored slim. For example, our Savvi Black Label suit would be a perfect choice for cocktail attire.


Cocktail attire traditionally means black shoes. Now, this doesn’t have to mean patent leather tuxedo shoes by any means, but we suggest to keep it simple, like a cap-toe oxford. However, if you wish to be a little less formal and prefer a brown shoe (like most men do), choose a shoe that has extra style. We recommend a pair of monk-straps pair of shoes. Both styles are available for rent at our stores.

The Shirt

While traditional means ‘white solid shirt’, we’ve decided that’s become a little bit boring. Trading it in for something with more visual texture. Keep an eye out for a semi-spread collar with a pattern that is appealing to you and works with your color scheme. When it comes to cocktail parties, we advise you to stay away from bright colors as there is no room for neon colors for a classy evening event!

Finally, The Details

You are finally suited up and your shoes are on. Now, it’s time for the finishing touches. Since this is a cocktail hour, it would be a good idea to stay away from any black ties or a solid white pocket square. In this area of dressing up for a formal event, the rules can be very vague, giving you a chance to explore creativity. However, we do have a couple of suggestions. Stay with a slimmer tie–preferably around 2.5”-3”–and keep it solid or with a subtle pattern. Your pocket square and tie don’t need to match perfectly but keep them in the same spectrum. We have a variety of colors in ties and pocket squares at Savvi Formalwear.


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