Fashionable Items Every Man Should Have In His Closet

For men, fashion is all about wearing simple items that they can mix and match whenever their heart desires. However, you may find that sometimes you will need to wear something else than the typical t-shirt-and-jeans combo you are accustomed to. In this sense, we’ve compiled a list of fashionable items that you can wear to look more stylish and make a great impression at whatever event you are attending. Let’s begin!

A black/navy/overall dark suit
From weddings and parties to completely unexpected job interviews or meetings, into every man’s life some serious business will fall. A good suit is something you will want to invest some money in. A nice suit that fits you can be worn pretty much anywhere and will almost never be “inappropriate” attire.

It doesn’t do a whole lot of good to have a good suit if it doesn’t actually look good on you. Make sure your dark suit is made of a good, heavyweight material like wool or flannel. Also, what needs to be pointed out is that a dark suit does not necessarily mean that it needs to be a black suit: you can look really polished and dressy (and very youthful) in a dark blue, gray or charcoal suit – these colors are more modern, go in business settings and will make any man look more dynamic.

Tan/Light suit
A dark suit is a go-to outfit for basically any situation or context. However, sometimes, for more festive occasions (especially on warm days) a light suit can be a better choice. Think of wearing a suit that is light blue, burgundy or even a striped or highly colorful suit.

The main thing you need to pay attention to when you are wearing such a suit is that it does not look like a pajama. In this sense, the tailoring really has to be impeccable.

White or light-colored dress shirt
Needless to say, if you’re going to keep a good suit on hand, you’re going to need a good dress shirt to go with it.
While you don’t need an entire wardrobe of good dress shirts if you don’t wear them regularly, you want one that is going to at least match both of your suits–or all of them, if you own more than two. Of course, you could also keep a few dress shirts on hand and at the ready, but that’s up to you.

Silk Tie
A silk tie is one of the most timeless and elegant accessories you can own. If you are only going to own one good tie, a simple silk tie is versatile enough to carry you with panache through any event.

Black dress shoes
While dress sneakers have become a thing and there are a number of semi-formal events where you can still pull off more casual footwear, there are always going to be a few where you just can’t. Make sure your good dress shoes are always buffed and polished to a beautiful shine.

Chukka boots
Chukka boots may well be one of the most versatile types of men’s footwear ever created. Chukka boots can be worn with almost anything from shorts to jeans to a casual business suit, which makes them a great choice on a cold or rainy day. If you want the most well-rounded and versatile wardrobe to keep you ready for any event life might throw at you, have a good pair of chukka boots in your wardrobe. Chukka boots can often replace dress shoes with no problem in terms of style being caused.

Good watch
While you may be an avid devotee of the smartwatch, there is going to come a time when you may need something formal. If you’re only going to own one good watch, make it a classic, unadorned timepiece with a plain white face and black leather band.

Cufflinks are a nice way to punctuate an outfit and to add personality to an otherwise conventional look. When you go to an event that requires a dress code, the look you will wear will be quite standardized, with just a few options to express who you are. In this sense, cufflinks come as a great way to convey personality.

There are essentially three types of events you need to be prepared for: Casual, formal and semi-formal. In the modern world, most men are more than adequately prepared for casual events and have a suit or two on hand for formal events. A good sport coat will carry you through everything in between.

Classic Oxford Cloth Button-Down shirt
Like the sport coat, the OCBD is one of the most versatile articles of clothing you can have in your closet. It will accompany you to a wide range of events from the casual to the semi-formal. Much like cufflinks, if you need to hob-nob at a semi-formal event, a well-pressed shirt will help you blend with style and panache.

Looking as good as you will make you not only be seen in a positive light by others (that is, in some ways, the last point on the checklist), but it will make you personally feel better and have a more positive attitude on things. Hence, you should always work on putting your best foot forward and to wear clothes that give you a boost in terms of attitude. And that’s what real style is all about.