Events You Must Wear A Tie To

The opportunity to dress smartly is often embraced by men from all over the world. When there’s a chance to look even more presentable than usual and put your glad rags on, many men enjoy styling themselves up, especially if it’s a happy or lucrative occasion! After all, it makes a nice change from the t-shirt and jeans you would usually wear during the weekend. While it may take a little bit more thought than just pulling a top out of your drawer, the finished result always looks sophisticated and polished.

Whether you’re a fan of wearing a suit or not, sometimes it can’t be avoided and looking smart isn’t a choice. It is helpful for every guy to have at least one suit in his wardrobe for when such an occasion arises; and when you’re wearing a suit, it’s important you have a tie to go with it, as well as a smart shirt.

So, to get you started, here are some top events that will most probably require wearing a tie.

Attending a wedding

A wedding usually has a rather formal dress code, particularly if you are going to the ceremony in the day time. Many times, there is no specific dress code required, which means that a suit and tie outfit is expected. Basically, you will be expected to show up looking smart and presentable! A tie may just be a small accessory, but it can really take your suit to the next level and add an element of sophistication to your appearance.

At a wedding you will probably opt for a grey or navy suit; or even something in a lighter color if you’re going to a summer wedding. Choosing the right tie to match your suit is critical; consider the pattern and color, as well as getting the thickness and length correct. Remember – larger men can look best in wider ties, while thin men look great in thin ties – it’s all about the proportion.

At a business meeting

Business attire can vary from industry to industry, with some companies (especially in the creative field) allowing a much more relaxed dress code. However, if you can get away with smart attire in your workplace, you should wear it! A suit and tie is a very powerful outfit, and can even ensure you have the right frame of mind to work and be productive.

Wearing a tie to a business meeting can give off the best impression to your client or business partner; it immediately gives you a professional and confident appearance. For this type of event, ensure you steer clear of bright colors and quirky patterns. After all, you probably want to be taken seriously in your next business meeting! Stick to traditional shades such as dark green, burgundy or navy, with subtle patterns like pinstripes or dots.

Wining and dining

Going out for dinner can sometimes feel like a casual affair, but it can often depend on where you go. Fancier restaurants will warrant a certain dress code, so if you’re hoping to impress, pull your suit and tie out of the wardrobe for this one!

Taking a special someone out in a smart shirt, trousers and tie is a great idea for a lasting first impression, but only if you’re going to a nice place. After all, there’s no point turning up in a suit if you’re going to a fast food place. There is much more freedom in your choice of tie for this type of setting, so you can pull out the tie that you feel represents you best.

Charity events and award ceremonies

If you’re heading to a charity event or an award ceremony, whether it be personal or work-related, a tie finishes off your ensemble perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you won’t be going up on stage; wearing a smart outfit with a tie is fitting for this type of event. This is the perfect time to wear your favorite football tie if you’re heading to a football presentation, or other quirky print that you have waiting in the wings. This type of context is usually fun, so you don’t need to be quite so uptight when it comes to the color and print.


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