Design a Suit for You!

Looking and feeling great in your clothing doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with fashion trends; it has everything to do with truly understanding your body type. 

At Savvi Formalwear Tuxedos, we have had clients that range from short, 100lbs to tall, 280lbs! Every body shape is unique and poses its own tailoring challenges. However, here are some great general tips to flatter your specific physique!

Tall & Lean

  • Avoid pinstripes, but try a check or glen plaid fabric. 
  • Consider trying on a double-breasted jacket–it’s the best option to effectively widen your frame. 
  • Don’t go too slim when it comes to suiting type–a little room will add necessary drape and balance out your body proportions. 
  • A notch lapel over a peak is suggested, although what’s more important is the formality of the fabric and garment. 
  • When it comes to pockets, keep them straight–not slanted–and use a ticket pocket to fill empty space. 
  • A longer jacket can be slimming but a shorter jacket can be lengthening. Our advice is to shoot for the middle ground. 
  • Go with a three-piece! The vest is your best option as it can add some heft and give you plenty of layering options. 
  • When it comes to shirt collars, point shirt collars are a better choice than a spread or cutaway collar. 


Heavy Body & Full Set

  • A longer jacket will always visually elongate your body.
  • Always avoid a check-like patterned suit. Darker colors are considered sliming, as are pinstripes. 
  • For a heavier guy, fit is that much more important, both in presentation and comfort! You can wear a slim fit, but certain areas need more allowance. 
  • Avoid belts. Side-adjusters, however, are a yes! 
  • Peak lapess will draw the eye upward and will flatter your broad shoulders. 
  • Using a ticket pocket is useful and can fill some space in the midsection. 
  • Spread collar shirts should be matched with a thicker tie fabric–both ideal for a larger neck. 
  • Hemming your trousers are important and leave a little room through the leg–too slim of a bottom could make you look top-heavy! That is something you should always avoid! 

Short & Wide

  • Shortening the jacket a little will lengthen your leg line and will add the illusion of height.
  • Go with a slim–not skinny–peak lapel as it will be proportionate to your neck and shoulders. 
  • A one-button jacket keeps the suit looking balanced and allowed to have a deeper button stance. This creates a visual lengthening effect. 
  • Keep the sleeves as trimmed as possible. 
  • When it comes to the trouser, keep the trouser rise low and the legs slim and tapered with minimal break, ideally no break at all.
  • Keep your shirt collars narrow and your ties slim or on the short side. 


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