A Guide To Fade Hairstyles For 2018

If you consider yourself a stylish man, you should always make sure that your hair is stylish and in great condition. Why? Because your hair gives away a very strong idea about what your personal style is all about! That’s why choosing a great hairstyle is a must to captivate the attention of the people around you and to make a good and lasting impression.

What is a fade?

A fade hairstyle is usually done on a shorter haircut. Today it is also often made on a hairstyle that mixes longer with shorter areas. A fade refers to a cut where the hair on the sides of the head is trimmed very closely, which created a smooth and nice transition from shorter hair to longer hair. Sometimes subtle, sometimes striking, a fade is essentially a next-level short back and sides. It’s a masterful cut that involves subtly blending hair lengths – with a clipper, scissors, or often both – to give the hair at the back and sides of the head a smoothly graduated or ‘faded’ effect.

How to get a fade haircut

To get a perfect fade haircut one should use a high-quality clipper with a good variety of guard which can trim the hair as per your desire. Make sure that you are starting with a setting that cuts your hair a bit longer. The reason for this is that if you should start with the shorter one, there will be no way to add some hair again if anything goes wrong. Here are the steps to follow if you want to do it yourself:

  • Choose the right guard which you want to use.
  • Trim the back and sides as if you’re not satisfied with the length.
  • Trim the sides short and keep the top long.
  • Then choose a smaller guard to give the fade a more finished and well-groomed look.
  • Work with the top in any way that your haircut calls for.

A few sample of faded awesomeness

The basic of a fade haircut is keeping the hair of the sides and back shorter than the hair on the top. You can modify this hairstyle according your own creativity and wants. You can keep it a fade, but add some extra hair styling techniques, which can transform your hairstyle in no time.

Long on the top

Going for a longer top is a bold statement haircut. Think of it as a rooster’s crest. It will surely make an impact on your look. A well-maintained beard will complement this faded hairstyle to a great extent.

A tight fade

Some men prefer a tight fade that is created through a direct and close contact with the clippers. The hair is faded closely to the skin and the top is kept a bit longer than usual.

Spiky top
A fade hairstyle is sometimes associated with a punk hairstyle. The hair is faded on the sides and kept long and spiky on the top. You can get the charm of two designs together in a single haircut.

Fade with a pompadour

Some guys love to stay classy and stylish all the time without compromising any chance to look amazing. The pompadour is a timeless hairstyle originally that gives out a classic vibe.

The contrasting fade

If you want to make a visible contrast between the hair of the sides and on the top, this is the right choice. Create a skin fade haircut to the sides and leave the hair on the top as long as you feel comfortable with. This will add a contrasting look to your hairstyle. Make sure to remember that your hair will grow and that keeping your contrast high will need some serious and frequent maintenance.

When you want to try on a new hairdo, it’s most likely a great idea to have a pro do it for you and show you how you can do it or maintain it yourself.

A great haircut is a true style staple that won’t go unnoticed. Just having your hair in order will amp up your style by a lot. In the end, there was an old saying that if you have great hair and great shoes, you can get away with wearing anything. And that is definitely true: when your styling is right, everything else is just support.

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