7 Simple Tips For Your Groom’s Speech

Groom's speech during wedding

A Memorable Groom's Speech

Are you ready for the most memorable part of the reception? No, we’re not talking about when your nana and pops start the conga line. We are talking about that moment you raise your glass to all your guests – and once again, all eyes and ears are on you to deliver a memorable groom’s speech. Nobody needs to see you sweat… that’s why we have these simple tips for you to follow as you deliver your groom’s speech.
You’ll do spectacularly!

7 Simple Tips

For Your Groom’s Speech


Everyone loves a gracious host.
Welcome and thank your guests to start your groom’s speech! Extended family and some of your college friends traveled from all over the country to attend your wedding. Let them know you appreciate the effort and love having them celebrate with you on your big day.

Bride and groom giving a toast at wedding reception giving groom's speech
bride and groom


Tell your partner how much they mean to you!
This is a big duh. But let’s be honest – we’ve seen this happen at the Oscars. Does anyone remember Hilary Swank? Let’s reiterate… you should tell your new spouse how happy you are. The stress of planning has wrapped, and you finally get to start the rest of your lives together. Let them know how excited you are to start down that path to forever and ever with them.


Be funny.
No pressure. We know you probably have a tight five-minute in your back pocket for your local stand-up open mic night –this isn’t quite the time for that. Just try to include some humor in your groom’s speech. Amusing stories about how you met your partner are always a crowd-pleaser. It should go without saying, but just in case – keep your audience in mind when telling jokes here. No one should be in the dog house on day one of husband duty.

Wedding party laughing together after groom’s Speech
groom with sunglasses and a microphone giving groom's speech


Give shoutouts!
Did your eccentric grandma Carol make the ornate birdfeeder-inspired centerpieces? Is there something symbolic about a piece of food on the menu? Did someone drop everything just to drive across town last minute to help right a situation? Let your guests know why it’s important to you.


Stay away from clichés!
You’re not writing a Hallmark movie script. Be original, and stay away from the cheesy quotes – unless that is just part of your quirky charm.

groom's speech during wedding ceremony
bride and groom first dance after giving groom's speech


Practice makes perfect!
They say confidence is 10% hard work and 90% delusion. But let’s not follow that line of thinking on your big day. Spend time practicing your speech so you can deliver it was warmth and enthusiasm.


Don’t write a novel!
Keep it short. People want to hit the open bar and dancefloor, so let’s let them do that, alright?

Groom's speech given off notes

Ultimately, you just need to relax and keep it simple. Speak from the heart, and remember that your audience will be full of loved ones who know you.

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