6 Style Rules for Grooms

If you’ve been paying attention to almost every RomCom your fiancee has made you watch, you’ll know that all eyes will actually be on you at the end of the alter. Why do you ask? Friends and family actually wait in anticipation to gauge your reaction as you first lay eyes on the love of your life coming down the aisle.


Real talk? They are also assessing your style. Don’t worry we’ve got your six.


Take note of these 6 style rules for grooms in the event that you were scrolling on your phone during the movie for the latest scores or sports highlights and not noticing the groom’s attire for inspo

bride and groom at wedding ceremony
bride and groom

RULE ONE: Fit the Overall Vibe of the Wedding

The most fundamental rule for matching your attire to your partner’s attire is that it should match the wedding’s venue, season, and style. Is it going to be formal or informal? Will it be in winter or summer? During the daytime or evening? Take all of this into consideration and make sure your suit matches! If it’s a formal affair, you won’t want to be caught wearing a casual linen suit—you’ll want to go for a dark and dapper tuxedo.

wedding cake
bride and groom
bride and groom

RULE TWO: Coordinate With Your Partner

Harmonize style choices with your partner for a cohesive look. Get the gist of what they’ll be wearing so you can complement their vibe with your suit or tuxedo style. Are they going for something modern and trendy? Consider a gray suit. Maybe they’re all about the fairytale wedding? Play it up as Prince Charming in a classic black tux.


RULE THREE: Dress to impress with a style that SUITS you!

Nothing looks better than a well-tailored suit or tuxedo. Consider purchasing your outfit rather than renting, and get it custom-tailored. Your wedding is a once and a lifetime event. So spare no expense to look your best. Our expert stylists will work with you to find the best style for your body type, while the tailor will bring the look together with a fit that looks molded just for you. 

bride and groom
bride and groom
bride and groom

RULE FOUR: Now Is the Time to Accessorize

Show your personality and standout with bold choices. Are you and your partner crazy about your dog? Wear funky dog socks in honor of them. Maybe you’re really into The Office. Wear a Dunder Mifflin pin on your lapel. Rock that watch or family heirloom. Or, for a more subtle identifier, consider wearing a bowtie while your groomsmen wear ties.

floral arch at wedding ceremony
bouquet wedding ring

RULE FIVE: Don’t forget the flowers

The flowers at your wedding will be chosen with intention by your bride and her family. They’ll play an important part in creating an aesthetically pleasing ambiance based on their elegance. It’s important to make sure you take them into account when putting the finishing touches on your fit. Don’t clash with a thoughtless color choice.

bride and groom
bride and groom

RULE SIX: Match your wedding party’s style

Like corresponding with your partner’s look, we’re all about cohesion with your party’s style too. Don’t get us wrong there is a power play to be made with a good mix and match. But while your look doesn’t need to be the same as your groomsmen, it should coordinate well either style or color. Sound advice – don’t wear a black tuxedo while everyone else has on a light gray linen suit. 

bride and groom

We outfit life events with the winning combinations of trend-right fashion, incredible fits, and unparalleled service for our customers. As a team of fashion specialists, we are ready to help you be dapper and stay dashing. Don’t leave one of the most critical days of fashion up to chance by ordering on the internet. Book your boutique experience today!

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