4 Reasons Why You Need Custom Made Shirts In Your Life

The term “Custom made” typically results in a reaction that complains ‘wow, that sounds like it costs a lot’ but the truth is that the difference in cost between high-quality shirt off-the-rack shirt and a custom made shirt might only be the price of a drink…crazy, right? In face, the tailored shirt might even cost less–if you know what you’re doing. But regardless of price, what are the real reasons you should have a custom made shirt in your wardrobe?

We have four reasons why you need one.


We all know that no two men are the same yet we insist that a one size neck/collar will suffice when purchasing a shirt. Aren’t those voluminous shoulders a bit of a giveaway that your shirt doesn’t quite fit or is dressing as a pirate a look that is back in vogue?

A custom made shirt shouldn’t look like it belongs to anybody else, but yourself. It should fit well at the shoulders, and the arms should be just long enough to show about half an inch when worn with a suit. The collar should fit tight, but you should be able to get a finger in between your neck and collar at any point. You simply won’t get this fit off-the-rack unless you are very fortunate and just so happen to have a body size and shape that matches the manufacturer’s form exactly–how likely is that? Well, not very likely.



Now, it wouldn’t be fair of us to suggest that off-the-rack clothing lacks style. There are of course countless labels that offer incredibly stylish ready to wear clothing. However, if you are in the hunt for a truly unique piece of clothing, then a tailor is your only choice. Trust us when we say: a tailor will be your best friend when it comes to getting the perfect custom shirt.



Again, we won’t dismiss off-the-rack shirts as inferior, but a finely made factory shirt is still a factory shirt whereas a tailor made shirt carries all the hallmarks of absolute craftsmanship. Understanding that an incredible amount of time and effort went into the creation of your shirt makes it all the more likely to become a prized possession.

Not only that but any tailor worth his sartorial chips will use only the best weaves and the right amount of material in your shirt. And as a bottle of 32-year-old Scotch takes pride of place in your drinks cabinet, so too will your custom finery take a place of honour in your wardrobe.



The associate in the men’s department might have some fantastic ideas for a shirt and tie combination, but without the experience and years of training that a tailor has, he just won’t be able to help you with anything else. To get that exact look that you are after takes a sartorial wit that only a tailor can provide and the only way you’re getting the benefit of that expertise is by investing in a custom made shirt.


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