3 Footwear Styles You Absolutely Need To Wear This Summer

Unless you’re considering relocating to Australia this summer, chances are you’ll need footwear capable of withstanding more than a trip between sun lounger and swimming pool. Not to mention something altogether more stylish than those barely-there, floss-like flip flops knocking about in the bottom of your wardrobe.


Your granddad’s been wearing sandals since the dawn of time. And if they’re good enough for the feet of the man, they’re good enough for you.

The great thing about sandals’ extended moment in the fashion spotlight is that brands keep coming up with fresh takes on the hippie classic, which includes some killer all-black numbers from Birkenstocks and robust leather pairs from the likes of Dr. Martens and Tommy Hilfiger this season.

Smarten them up with tailored shorts or do the summer goth thing by strapping a pair on with your best black skinnies and a longline tee.


Are you going to win any steez points for pulling on a pair of espadrilles? No. But they’re still a strong summer footwear option for men too timid to try ‘out there’ sandals.

They’re also a lot more practical than their wildly impractical grip-free sole suggests; lightweight, quick to dry and small enough to shove in your hand luggage, espadrilles are the no-brainer choice for holiday season, and unlike a lot of other seasonal shoes, won’t break the bank either.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are in a completely different league to flip flops and can’t really be considered a substitute. But that’s the beauty of them.  Not only does a pair of quality boaters from brands such as Sperry or Ralph Lauren tick the seasonal shoe box, they offer the sort of comfort and visual appeal that a pair of thongs can’t.  

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