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Where to place your things within your suit

The whole point of wearing a suit is to create a sleek and smooth look for yourself. You don’t want to ruin that silhouette by stuffing your pockets with too many things, and in such a way that it creates horrible-looking bulges in your clothing! Instead of hauling around a bunch of stuff that distorts the proper shape of your suit, we suggest you keep your stuff limited as it’s important to keep it minimal and balanced.

Your wallet should be slim and compact, and placed in one of the inside breast pockets of your suit jacket, rather than the back pocket of your trousers where it will push your jacket out. If you think your wallet is too bulky to carry, then consider investing in a money clip with just a few bills and your credit cards! A pen can also go inside your breast pocket, though some suits have a special slit for it.

As for your phone, it can be put in the other inside breast pocket. If you decide to go with a money clip in your trouser pocket instead of your jacket, then your phone might actually lack a counterweight in the top. Who would have thought, right? Unless your phone is very heavy and large, it’s not likely to unbalance the way the jacket hangs on you!

Big jangling keys will create an uncomfortable bulge in your trouser pocket, so when you’re wearing a suit, strip down your keys to just a keychain with your house and car key on a single ring.

As for your other trouser pocket, it can hold a handkerchief–a classic stance, we know! While a pocket square can sometimes double up as a hankie, you usually want to use a nicer, fancier one for the outside breast pocket on your suit!

And that, gentlemen, is all you need to tote around on your person when you’re wearing your suit. Other things like a pocket knife or gum could go in your bag if you’re carrying one!