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Three Suit Trends That Are Dominating 2017


We’re officially at the halfway mark of 2017. Can you believe it? Time flies when you’re having fun! And now it’s that time of year where we look at the sartorial trends that have been dominating this year. So far, there are three trends we’ve noticed in the suit section of men’s fashion that have been changing the game.


Denim Is Here And It’s Demanding Attention.

We get it, it’s weird. Why is Denim underneath the Suit category? As odd as it might seem, this working fabric is cementing its place as a luxury fabric in the world of tailoring. With finer weaves and striking colors, it seems even the most pompous of men can’t deny the casual look. If Ralph Lauren can create a three-piece denim masterpiece with a double breasted waistcoat, this anything can happen. Anything.


Double-Breasted Suit Is Coming Back For Part Two.

We see many of the major players in the Fashion game making rooms in their collections for the infamous double-breasted suit. Yes, you heard us, the double-breasted suit is back! The slim lapels and slim trouser legs remain popular as ever, but they face a stiff and rather roomier competition with this suit. The drape of the double breasted suit is often a little on the baggy side, but we’re not referencing the 80’s loose leg. The return to a more comfortable fit is here!


Colors And Patterns Are No Longer Shy.

Of course black and navy will always be the most common sights when it comes to suits, but we’ve seen suits that have become much more daring in 2017. Unusual colors and patterns have been in, and we see them working their way into everyday suits and of course, the runway.

Plaid suits and paisley dinner jackets sound pretty ambitious, but they’re not entirely out of the question this year!

 While we can’t truthfully vouch for street fashion taking on all of the trends of 2017, we can definitely see them dominating the fashion shows.