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Pocket Sqaures: Everything You Need To Know

As we enter into the official months of summer, it’s important to maintain those very vibrant tones that define the season and always add that bit of ‘oomph’ to your day. A simple solution? Adding a pocket square to your daily look. Any man with an inkling of sartorial wit will tell you to never leave home without that folded piece of silk and Savvi Tuxedos is here to tell you why.


While your tailored shirt and your choice of tie are a great deal to your overall look, it’s the pocket square that can make or break an outfit. Subtle coloring or bold and brash, there’s no right or wrong as it all depends on what kind of look you are trying to achieve. But one thing is certain, this little square of material has far more bearing on your style than one could ever imagine.


Of course you can just stuff it in your breast pocket and call it a day, but if you take the social setting into consideration, there are folds to suit every occasion and even your mood. There are endless ways to fold your pocket square but these nine folds should get you through any occasion. Just to give you some examples:

One-Point Fold
At work or with your sports coat

Two-Point Fold
A corporate favorite

Cagney Fold

Three-Point Fold
Business wear with a sartorial edge

Puff Fold
Most stylish of the lot, can be worn on any occasion

Winged Puff Fold
Semi-formal/smart casual

Scallop Fold
Weddings/social events



We love an individual look and nothing adds that bit of personality to a look as well as a pocket square. You can absolutely do the same thing with a tie, but a pocket square is so much subtler than neckwear. IT DRAWS THE EYE Rather than being noticed for your taste in novelty ties, you can draw the attention of your peers with a pocket square! The best thing about this accessory is people won’t realize why they have noticed you and that’s how a subtle accessory works its magic.