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List of Men’s Style & Fashion Acronyms & What They Mean



The vast number of acronyms and abbreviations used by the fashion industry can overwhelm just about…well, anyone. It even catches us off guard now and again. To prevent this from happening, we’ve compiled the most in-depth guide to all of the acronyms and abbreviations you’ll see regarding men’s style & fashion. No longer will acronyms like “AAFO” or “CPW” confuse, because now there’s a dictionary to turn to that will give you the most comprehensive list ever created for men’s fashion and style.

2PS = Two Piece Suit = A business suit consisting of a jacket with matching trousers.

3PS = Three Piece Suit = A business suit consisting of a matching jacket, trousers and waistcoat

A/W = Autumn/Winter Collection = A new line or collection released by a designer that focuses on fall and winter apparel.

AAFA = American Apparel and Footwear Association = A professional membership association.

ABO = All Black Outfit = An entire outfit comprised of solid black clothing.

ABU = Airman Battle Uniform = A uniform worn by members of the Air Force.

AE = Allen Edmonds = An American purveyor of high quality dress and casual shoes and accessories.

B&T = Big and Tall = An article of clothing designed for larger gentlemen.

BD = Button Down = A shirt that, like a jacket, uses a row of buttons in the front to fasten it.

BDU = Battle Dress Uniform = A uniform worn by members of the military.

BIN = Buy it Now = To purchase an item immediately without waiting.

CASH = Cashmere = A soft fiber obtained from cashmere goats.

CN = Cotton/Nylon = A blend of cotton and nylon materials.

COL = Collar = A band of material around the neck of a shirt, vest, sweater or jacket.

DB = Double Breasted = A jacket or coat with a substantial overlap of material at the front that shows two rows of buttons when fastened.

DBS – Double Breasted Suit = A suit jacket that is double breasted. See DB.

DC – Dry Clean = An item of apparel that should ideally be professionally laundered.

DFO = Direct Factory Outlets = A brand operated store that sells a lower cost collection under their name or clothing at a discounted price.

DJ = Dinner Jacket = A tuxedo jacket or similarly appropriate jacket designed for formal affairs after six.

FD = Factory Discontinued = An item that is no longer manufactured by the factory.

FED = Fedora = A low, soft felt hat with a curled brim and the crown creased lengthwise.

FF = Fast Fashion = Articles of clothing mass produced quickly and inexpensively to keep up with the current fashion trends.

HB = Hiking Boots = Outdoor boots that are designed to withstand the elements and used for hiking off road.

HG = Holy Grail = An item that one pursues and fantasizes about purchasing.

H2T = Head To Toe = A single item that covers the entire body.

MD = Marked Down = An item that has had it’s price dropped. Another term for on sale.

MED = Medium = See M.

PBB = Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes = Buttonholes that are perfectly in line and well proportioned.

PC = Popped Collar = A popular trend where the wearer leaves the shirt collar popped up instead of folded down.

R2W = Ready to Wear = See OTR.

RAY = Rayon = A synthetic textile made from regenerated viscose.

RC = Recrafted = An item capable of being fixed so it looks new again.

TDL = Tumble Dry Low = Indicates an item must be dried by spinning it slowly in hot air inside a dryer.

TDO = Tumble Dry Only = Must be tumble dried. See TDL.

TF = Tom Ford = Iconic fashion designer.